A Jelly bag


350.00  350.00 

The bag made of soft plastic with leather handles and much logo. It has a place to anchor sunglasses. Spacious and comfortable for every day walks. If happen unexpected shopping, you will put in more than you think. To the set, you need only a golden credit card …


Men planning to purchase exactly knows what is he looking for. Create a list of product attributes that are the most important to him. When he find a product that meetss his conditions, he buys it. Woman takes into account many factors. The development of decision, a woman adds another factors. Considering different options and looking for the best answer perfect solution. How does it work in practise? A man planning to purchase a shirt knows, It has to be blue and cost a certain amount. He goes to the shop, addressed to the shelf , find the most appropriate and buys it. A woman thinks contextually. Does not specify of product attributes, but application.

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