An oversize bag



Oversize has never been so seductive. In this great and elegant bag with a classic cut will hold all from a vanity-bag and laptop to a large work of art. Inside is a spacious pocket into which you put keys, cell phone or purse. If you have a few other gadgeds which you do not part with, there will not be a problem.

If you want to customize a version, you can choose the color of embroidery and match together a variety of colors. At the request of a client, we create bags in grey, ash-grey and black.

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Is it really so hard to understand men “artistic messs” in the women’ bags? Everything what is inside may be useful in the least appropriate time. Therefore, it is worth to put it there, but difficult to clean up. I think most of women agree with me that the hardest thing is shuffle things from abag to a bag. It takes a lot of time. It can happen surprise eg. you can find keys. What for is a woman bag?

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blue, pistachio, yellow, pink, orange

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