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Stylish hat for every occasion. Made of soft felt in three trendy colors with tasteful addition. Every woman feel it extremely fashionable. It protects against the Sun, and  paparazzi when you just need a little privacy.

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Hats were worn by the ancient Greeks, Romans and the inhabitants of the Far East. For centuries hats have changed their shapes and sizes. In the Renaissance, women wore little toques, richly trimmed with pearls and precious gems. In contrast, in the late eighteenth century to took delight in bonnet, tied up with ribbons, adorned with flowers, feathers and haberdashery. They are usually made with a straw or fabric. Hunting worn three-horned headgear called tricorne, trimmed with feathers and delicate fluff. The end of the nineteenth century was a time of great hats on wire scaffolding. With the beginning of the last century women’ hats changed  shapes faster and faster, and the designers adapted their sizes to a new type of emancipated women and more liberated. The biggest fashion houses such as Lanvin and Molyneux, had ownes atelier with hats, so that customers buying clothes can immediately obtain also the appropriate accessories …

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purple, amaranth, blue, black

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