A man fleece coat


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Unisex coat for a real lumberjack and a gentle romantic. Extremely soft and warm  double fabric colds him in days and adds formation during joint walks with the dog. Always your man can use it instead of the robe. It is important that nothing in it was not …


Swashbucker movies – to define the genre of works of film, which takes place in historical times.

The films of this genre usually appear fight scenes with swords or swords, in which the combatants are clad in coats or capes. Movies action usually takes place between the fifteenth and the end of the eighteenth century, and the traditional places of action (though not only) are France, Spain and Italy this period.

The heroes of Swashbucker films are usually fencers (as Zorro), and the Musketeers pirates (for example, in the film The Crimson Pirate).

Japanese equivalent of this genre is chanbara, or samurai cinema.

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