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Tribute to the 50’s. Classics that never is out of fashion and has not been ashamed by Merlin Monroe or Adrey Hepburn …

More, insanely intense color and surprising innovative use of traditional material.

Stand out from the crowd. You are absolutely unique. Feel like a star, or the queen of the evening, the ruler of men’s hearts and envy. Tempt luscious color.

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Skirt invented by the biblical Adam and Eve. For many years it was part of the confection almost exclusively male, and no one had a bad thing, seeing the army of warriors in just such clothing. Also, senior officials were willing to wear such duds. Everything changed with the Middle Ages, when the ideal of a man inside a knight clad in a strong armor, which is more difficult to break a lance or a bear claw. Since that time in the history of skirts was another important date, when in America occurred climate change. Then housewife Mary Quant invented a way to cool off and called her miniskirt, breaking all rules of moral orthodoxy.

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blue, pistachio, pink, orange, yellow

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