Jeans capote


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Jeans coat which slims the figure. Since the nineteenth century, jeans reigns in fashion. At the beginning was designed to be strong and durable clothing for miners, today always on top and at the forefront of fashion. You will look in it elegant in any situation. Even if only coat will be on you. Well, maybe not just …


Modern fabrics which are sewn pants stained with the same name is also on many other colors. The original design of the nineteenth century, has survived unchanged to these days (there are modified versions). Today’s jeans as in the past usually have four pockets (two in the front and two rear exterior of trousers) and the fifth small pocket is placed below the belt over the right front pocket.

These pants due to its strength practical styling and attractive sports style gained since the sixties of the twentieth century widespread recognition among young people becoming the most common element of the wardrobe in that age group.

Due to its popularity supra jeans gained the status of one of the icons of popular culture of the twentieth century.

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