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Show the world what you can do. Our skirt is created with the aim of beautiful, strong women, conscious of values, who take life to the full and those who want to get out of the shadow and feel the inner strength. Cut the classic trapezoid so characteristic of fleshy Italian felt it acquires a new spatial geometric form. In the end, creative combining tradition with what is new is our specialty.

As most of our clothes skirt is multifunctional. Ideal for business meetings, banquets and crazy party.

The colors of belts, as well as their order you can choose in the customize option. A deck emphasize our felt belt in the selected color.

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“A” shape is ideal for full shape. Skirt in this fashion, like no other is slimming. For which shape will be the best?

Wide hips. Trapezoidal shape optically slimming. It makes, that line will be less streamlined. The entire silhouette will become sharper and, will look thinner.
A generous buttocks. This is an incredible asset of femininity, but if you think your bum is too coming off, optically “flatten” it’s trapezoidal shape.
Solid upper thighs, the so-called “breeches.” It is the bane of most women with a pear or hourglass figure. If the lower part of your thighs are slim, and would like to hide the top, instead of a simple pencil skirt or select the trapezoid. This fit perfectly mask the thigh. Corrugated skirt to such figure will look simple, but by the fact that extends downwards will not clasp thighs.

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pink and navy, heather, multi

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